I accidently deleted my old layout and had to redo my whole blog in one night.

Fortunately I had been brainstorming/practicing for a few days, so I was able to throw this together.

There are still about a million kinks to work out, but I am so happy with the new look.  It's more fresh, more clean, more colorful.  I have more direction with my writing.  There might be a few more things I change up over the next week or so, but for the most part, this is it.

There will be a URL change coming soon too, but I will let you know about that when it happens.

Eeek.  I'm grinning a cheesy grin right along with the Henry in this picture.  I'm honestly pretty proud of myself because up until three days ago I knew NOTHING about HTML.  As it turns out, I don't mind staring at lines of seemingly meaningless code for hours on end.  Who knew?

So...what do you think?


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